November 2021 Hamilton ON. Real Estate

Hamilton Area Statistics for November 2021

Here's What Happened This Month!

Open Houses are now allowed in Hamilton and the surrounding areas under the COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines, however, many sellers are choosing to NOT hold them, especially with the Delta Variant spiking the numbers until more people are vaccinated. Showing property practices are continuing to be in place to keep everyone safe during these times and that includes Buyers and their agents signing a COVID questionnaire before having access granted to come into a Sellers home. There is a maximum of 3 people allowed in the house (The Buyer’s Agent and up to 2 Buyers – No Children). There are usually 30-minute time slots available for showings, however, in some areas, there are only 15-minute time slots and overlapping appts are not allowed. Keep this in mind if you are wanting to see some properties as it is now more challenging to find a time slot available, especially if you have a few homes to see and would like to go to them in some sort of logistical order. Digital signatures are now the norm for all and are very simple to use. Our main concern is still and always will be, the health and well-being of you and your family.

The November 2021 Real Estate Market Selling strategies remain the same as the last few months month. Some Sellers are putting their homes on the market at a listing price well below Market Value and “holding” offers for up to a week in order to get multiple offers and sell for much higher than their List Price. This is why it looks like homes are selling so quickly in your neighbourhood. This doesn’t always work though, and we are seeing the Sellers RAISE their price after not seeing the price they wanted on Offer Day. Other Sellers are listing their property closer to Market Value and sometimes higher than Market Value and either not selling as quickly or not at all. This is why you see some houses drastically LOWER their price, and then “hold” offers for 4-7 days and sell much higher. This can be extremely confusing for Buyers so please make sure you are getting insightful timely advice from your LOCAL REALTOR®.

November 2021 had 1169 Total Residential Listings come through the Hamilton Real Estate Board, which is down from November 2020 with 1234 as reported by The REALTORS ® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB). Hamilton had 810 of those (down from 852 in 2020) and Burlington’s share was 239, down from 262 in November 2020. Overall New Listings decreased by 10% since last month and were down 3% over November 2020.

Residential Sales located throughout the RAHB market area (including Burlington and all the outlying areas covered by The REALTORS ® Association of Hamilton-Burlington) of 1169 Properties are down nearly 10% from November 2020 and down 3% over last month, October 2021. The overall average price for residential properties actually decreased by 1% from last month to $911,673, and up nearly 27% from November 2020. Hamilton’s Residential Sales (including Flamborough, Dundas, Ancaster, Waterdown, Stoney Creek and Glanbrook) were 759, down only 3% from 783 in November 2020, with an average price of $835,640 up 28% from the same month last year. Burlington had 234 Sales which is down 15% from 275 last year, with an average price of $1,175,264 which is up 28% from November 2020.

The end-of-month listing inventory which is a good indication of the type of market currently being experienced has gone down from last month and sits at 383 Active Residential Listings giving Hamilton only 0.5 months (half a month) of inventory, down 46% from November 2020. Burlington has only 82 Active Residential Listings which gives it less than half a month, with 0.4 months of inventory, which is down 68% from the same time last year. Overall, the number of Active Listings Available at the end of the month dropped even lower than last month to 0.5% (only half a month of inventory). The average days on the market are still low and have dropped again from 17 to 13.5 in Hamilton and also went down in Burlington year over year from 19.8 to 12.6. This is still largely due to the List Below Market Value Strategy being used by many Sellers and their Real Estate Agents, so don’t be fooled by a price that looks too good to be true! Sellers are listing less than market value, and holding off taking offers for up to a week, therefore creating a bidding war atmosphere and hopefully getting many offers and selling for much higher than the asking price. This can be hundreds of thousands over the List Price, so make sure you talk to your REALTOR ® and try to get a better idea of what the Actual Market Value currently is. Ask your Local REALTOR ® for a chart showing recent sales alongside the listing prices so you can get an idea of what the price differential is.

Right now the Hamilton-Burlington Area is still experiencing an Extremely STRONG Sellers Market, where the ratio of Homes Sold to Homes Listed is above 60%, currently sitting at 102.5%. In other words, 10.2 homes are sold for every 10 new listings.

Buyers Market Below 40%

Balanced Market Between 40% and 60%

Sellers Market Above 60%

(Ratio of homes sold to homes listed)

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Year To Date Average Prices for Hamilton

The map below shows the current Year to Date Average Residential Prices. Some of the areas not included in the map are to the right:

When looking at the Average Prices in and around Hamilton, it is important to note how they have changed significantly over the last year and even now from month to month. If you are thinking of selling your house or condominium, get the most up to date, LOCAL information. A Market Evaluation and/or a Mortgage Pre-Approval done even a couple of months ago MUST be updated!

Burlington – $1,064,356 – Up
Flambourgh – $1,248,694 – Down
Waterdown – $974,282- Up
Grimsby – $870,187 – Up
Caledonia – $768,230 – Up
Cayuga – $801,561 – Up
Dunnville – $666,669 – Down

Take note that “Average sale price is based on the total dollar volume of all properties sold through the RAHB MLS® System. Average sale price can be useful in establishing long-term trends, but should not be used as an indicator that specific properties have increased or decreased in value.” What that means is, not every house or condo has increased in price by the same percentage. It is really important to talk to an experienced local REALTOR® to see EXACTLY what is happening in your particular neighbourhood. It is also important to find out what you can do to your house to get the highest amount possible when you are ready to sell!

In this Market, it is important that you know about the houses getting listed Immediately! Click Here to get set up on the Instant Listings Notification Search, otherwise, you will only know about listings once they are reported to the public sites. If you wait till you see it on or other sites, it's too late, and is probably already SOLD!

MLS® Property Listings in November 2021

RAHB Market ActivityNumber Of Sales Nov 2021Number of Sales Nov 2020Average Sale Price Nov 2021Average Sale Price Nov 2020
West Hamilton6195$698,819$561,616
East Hamilton7989$667,033$530,195
Central Hamilton127122$625,038$510,860
Hamilton Mountain181180$789,085$602,572
Stoney Creek106122$890,286$704,792
West Lincoln53$1,104,000$803,333

Note: Numbers of sales represents sales reported on properties listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) of the REALTORS Association of Hamilton-Burlington. Average sale price is calculated by dividing the total dollar volume of sales (not shown) by the number of sales in that month.